I had planned to write about our vacation (our first in five years) today, but there is something far more important and serious I need to talk about.

Today, an unelected group of people revoked a human right from all women in the United States of America. Using specious logic (logic they specifically used the opposite conclusion of to expand concealed firearms the day prior) they took away the right of women to control their own healthcare. I do not give a fuck about civility here: This monstrous and illegitimate court, of whom three members were appointed by an authoritarian traitor who attempted a seditious coup against the rightful government of the People, decided today to do something that no court in the United States has ever done before. Reversing a Constitutional protection is completely without precedent, and is a dangerous development in a minority that holds the majority of this country hostage and stifles all progress.

This decision will go down in history alongside the Dred Scott, the reprehensible Korematsu, and other unbleachable stains on the nation. There is no two ways about it, this court is illegitimate and dangerous. They must be stopped at all costs.

If you are a Republican, you can go fuck yourselves with a rake and eat shit and die for all I care. You are the enemy of this country you claim everyone else is.

Instead of enjoying a beautiful summer day with my partner in life on the tail end of a deserved vacation, I am consoling her even though not a goddamned thing I say can heal this wound. She has been told by the highest “court” in the land that her rights are less than others. Her body is not for her to control. Anyone involved in this farce deserves the worst, and I mean this wholeheartedly. They should enjoy no peace and privacy until they leave this mortal coil, hopefully post haste.

To anyone who excused, minimized, equivocated for, and otherwise supported (directly, implicitly, or otherwise) Donald Trump and his disgusting ilk and the party that suborned his treachery in lock step I have one thing to say to you: