Why am I doing this?

This is my attempt to add to, and revive, the “World Wide Web” that I miss the most. Stumbling on an actual person’s own website where you could really dig into what makes them tick. That is an almost forgotten art, writing for your own satisfaction.

Is this a blog?

My goal with this redesign and reimagining of this website is to move toward a more introspective point of view, but also I won’t be holding myself to any sort of schedule for new posts. I have reached a point in my life where I just want to write about things that I enjoy, and I would hope you would prefer that to another boring ad-laden clickbait blog.

What are you going to post?

I will mostly write about things that I am interested in or am experimenting with. I guarantee that I will post pictures of bikes and bike rides. I am confident that I will post about electronics/radio projects that I am playing with.

What are your goals?

I don’t expect, or really want, this website to become popular. I mostly just don’t want the history of my writings to be recorded under a pseudonym on Reddit or any other platform.

Final thoughts

This is my “two week notice” to the Social Media Web which is how I have come to call this new era of the Internet. This iteration, where major corporations have taken over, is the least innovative time in the brief history of the Internet. It is imperative that we continue to add our own unique perspectives and quirks to the internet. Major social media platforms have nearly sucked what made the Internet great dry.

– Robert

Edited 1/30/22